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Brighter Oregon is a broad and growing statewide coalition of Oregon consumers, taxpayers, small and large businesses, associations and organizations who have come together to work with policy leaders on issues Oregonians care about such as better high school graduation rates, improved college completion rates, transportation investments, health care access and more efficient government spending.

Join our coalition to get involved and communicate with Oregon’s legislators that our long-term budget deficits will only be fixed if lawmakers bring spending under control FIRST.
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Editorial: School money, PERS reform joined at hip

One of the common themes you heard last week as teachers across Oregon rallied for a proposed tax on business that’s projected to raise $1 billion a year for K-12 schools was this: It’s not…

Posted 05.14.2019

Legislative leaders unveil a short term pension fix

At the heart of Democratic leaders’ plan to rein in the costs of Oregon’s public pension system is an accounting ploy. It provides short-term cost relief to public employers, but at the cost of further…

Posted 05.13.2019

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