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Brighter Oregon is a broad and growing statewide coalition of Oregon consumers, taxpayers, small and large businesses, associations and organizations who have come together to work with policy leaders on issues Oregonians care about such as better high school graduation rates, improved college completion rates, transportation investments, health care access and more efficient government spending.

Join our coalition to get involved and communicate with Oregon’s legislators that our long-term budget deficits will only be fixed if lawmakers bring spending under control FIRST.
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Editorial: Taxes, schools grab spotlight in Capitol

With about two months remaining in the legislative session, we’ve reached the point at which the focus is narrowing onto the biggest and most contentious issues in the Capitol — and at least some Democrats…

Posted 04.22.2019

Editorial: Legislature shouldn’t pass unfair tax

Employees of businesses with thin profit margins should start worrying about what the Oregon Legislature is scheming to do to their jobs. House Bill 3427 creates a tax that will make it even harder for…

Posted 04.18.2019

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